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Denon DA-500 D/A Converter

Denon DA-500 D/A Converter
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Denon DA-500 D/A Converter
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Denon DA-500 D/A Converter
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Denon DA-500 D/A Converter
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Denon DA-500 D/A Converter, mint

The DA-500 is a D/A converter using a newly developed Alpha (Adaptive Line Pattern Harmonized Algorithm) processor to provide the ultimate waveform reproduction of the original sound at low levels.

The D/A conversion is 20 bit linear. It uses a high performance input digital filter of the type used for professional recordings.

It features 3 optical and 2 coaxial inputs. Further there are optical and coaxial digital outputs. On the analog side, you´ll find RCA outputs.

The unit is in perfect optical and technical condition without any wear. It comes from the first non smoking owner.

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