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Kenwood L 01 T Tuner, mint

Kenwood L 01 T Tuner, mint
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Kenwood L 01 T Tuner, mint
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Kenwood L 01 T Tuner, mint
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Kenwood L 01 T Tuner, mint
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Kenwood L 01 T Tuner, mint
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Kenwood L 01 T Tuner, mint
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Kenwood L 01 T Tuner

Here comes the legendary Kenwood Tuner! The sound is amazing. 74 db signal to noise in stereo operation. Here are some information taken from Kenwood L-01T (1980)

The L-01T is a very rare tuner that is seldom offered for sale in the U.S. Our panelist Jim was lucky to have a chance to play with one: “The inside of the L-01T is amazing, with two potted transformers and 3 full wave bridge rectifiers for 3 totally separate regulated supplies. The first, +12V, feeds the first oscillator circuit (assumed to be the local oscillator feeding the mixer), a dedicated supply back to the transformer for the ultimate in LO stability. The second and third, fed by the other transformer, has separate windings for the MPX/audio section (+/- 16 volts) and the +14 volts for the front-end IF section. This very healthy power supply sits on its own board. There is a pivoting arm for the dial pointer wires to move freely.

There are 7 gangs in the front end, as follows: antenna in, switch, single tuned gang, double diffused MOSFET gain stage, single tuned gang, JFET buffer/follower, switch, triple tuned 3-gang section, transformer coupled into a balanced mixer. The switch, not seen before in any high-end Kenwood tuner, allows bypassing the first 2 gangs and the MOSFET gain stage for less front-end intermodulation (IM) distortion with high input signal levels. Finally, two gangs are used in the local oscillator, which is buffered and also includes a touch switch controlled varactor-tuned feedback stage from an IF IC, looking very similar to the KT-917's distortion reduction circuit. I only see 4 filters but the block diagram shows them as 'either/or' in filter selection. The detector is the Kenwood pulse count detector, and the MPX decoder is the sample-and-hold switching type, again, very similar, if not identical, to the one in the KT-917.

The top and sides are well done plywood and plastic. The bottom is fiberboard with plastic or aluminum sides. The framework supporting the circuit boards and FM front end is either copper or copper-coated aluminum. The only steel I found was the potted transformer cans, screws and the tuning dial balance wheel. Kenwood was VERY serious about non-magnetic influences inside this baby. If I owned this work of art, I would replace all the steel screws with brass screws and change out the resistors with steel end caps in the audio stage, put in new audio caps, sit down and listen to music. The sound is pretty good, stock, with better-than-average bass and a good midrange, but more than necessary sibilance in the highs.

Optically, a real eyecatcher. There are no signs of use on the cabinet. The front has no scratches as well. Mint condition for collectors eye... Jused aligned.

The unit comes with the original owners manual. Voltage and deemphasis adjustable for US standards.

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