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Philips CD-100, the first!

Philips CD-100, the first!
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Philips CD-100, the first!
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Philips CD-100, the first!
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Philips CD-100, the first!
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Philips CD 100, good condition

When the CD 100 first came out in 1982, one thing was sure. This technology would change the way we were used to listen and record music. The crystal clear sound, the high dynamics and the signal to noise ratio were only few of the advatages the Compact Digital Audio Disc offered.

It established extremly quick after CD-Players were available in reasonable price ranges for the average consumer and made its way around the world for 20 and more years. Today the basic technology is still the same. A couple of formats were added, storage capaibility has been increased and thats it.

So if you are looking for "the" classic CD-Player, here it is. It's design, the size and layout, all that certaily reminds us at the first generation players. Unfortunatly, most of them broke down very early. Unlikeley these Philips units. They still play all the CD's without any problems, even scratched and burned ones will be processed. As this player deos not feature a time display, the whole is interface design reminds you using a conventional turntable.

This is a good oppotunity to add one of those first generation players to your classic system. The optical condition good with light wear, technically, just revised!

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