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Our Philosophy


When a salesman approached and you had to say "just looking", or you could just look at the Buying Guides and wish? Now... You haven´t seen any of those "wish list" items since.... Elvis left the building!

Is this your HiFi experience?

Way back then, cost and production efficiency did not control the consumer hifi market. Research and premium materials resulted in an aura of absolute quality; It was what the market demanded! This is basically what represents audioscope´s philosophy. We wish to contribute to the preservation of audio history, because the "true classics " are definitely never coming back. From dedication to visual and acoustic aesthetics of audio electronics, a competent team has been established. We define our "mission" experiencing and comparing classic audio gear beyond specification sheets. We would do it anyway in private.

Not the most expensive is always the best. There are many excellent and still playable pieces yet to be discovered. Hifi is meant to be fun, it should enrich live´s beautiful moments by a further dimension. So why not start "playing" again?

To ensure optimal performance, every "classic" is carefully tested in detail. This is our guarantee. Nevertheless, should a problem arise, we guarantee to find a fast and uncomplicated solution based on personal discussion.

We are happy only if you are happy.

P.S. Very special thanks to Jim Carpenter and Mr. Zimmermann for their help!

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