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Technics Pressure Roller for RS ReelToReel

Technics Pressure Roller for RS ReelToReel
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Technics Pressure Roller for RTR RS 1500, 1506, 1520, 1700, 1800, 777, NEW OLD STOCK.

THIS IS NO CHEAP REPLICA. It is the original, unused. For perfect original wow and flutter performance.

Technics Part Number QXP05448

We deliver one pair, 2 pinch rollers. You will not find them again.

All our products come with 2 YEARS FULL WARRANTY

Auf alle unsere Produkte geben wir2 JAHRE GARANTIE

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399,00 €

Differenzbesteuerter Artikel nach §25aUStG ohne MwSt-Ausweis.
Shipping to Germany: EUR 13,00
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